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Heritage Centre,
Roe Street,
SK11 6UT

The Old Sunday School was founded by John Whittaker and built in 1814. Funding for the school came from the silk industries and from the people of Macclesfield. The ground floor exhibition tells the story of the Sunday School itself; its routines and rules, and the day to day lives of the families who attended. A basement gallery signposts visitors to other places of historic interest around the town and includes a film show of Macclesfield past and present.

The Old Sunday School also has a large café, a Makers’ Place for craftspeople, a shop and cinema.

When the Sunday School opened in 1814 there were 1,127 boys and 1,324 girls on the register, paying a subscription of 1d per week. Discipline was strict and was carried out by the school beadle known as ‘The Nobbler’

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