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Our Team. Our Creative Community. Our Culture.

Our Team of Teachers, SENCOs and Wellbeing Specialists work to immerse our Young People and connect them with local Artists and the local Arts scene

Central Team
Lisa Alberti

College Lead
Proud to lead this wonderful team. Promoter of Inclusion, both in education and organisational culture as a whole. Privileged to facilitate and observe the power of Art and Design to change Young People’s lives

Seamus Mannion

SEND Coordination Lead
I have worked in mainstream secondary schools around Greater Manchester for over 20 years as a teacher, Head of Department and Special Educational Needs Coordinator.  I support young people to thrive at what they enjoy and display aptitude for in terms of art, design and craft.

Hayley Bowker


I was a teacher for 5 years before making the best decision of my life to re-train as a speech, language and communication specialist. I had always been interested in words and communicating well, and was delighted to combine that with working with children and young people.

Andrea Lewis-Coker

Counselling Psychologist

I have over 15 years of experience working within Counselling and Psychology services. I have enjoyed working in a variety of settings such as Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), schools & specialist education provisions.

Manchester Museum
Alice Giles

Creative Learning Studio Lead
Hi I’m Alice, our Team SENCO. I have 20 years of experience supporting young people and their families to help make a positive changes in their lives, I’ve been passionate about helping young people realise their potential.

Macclesfield Museum
Vanessa Robinson

Creative Learning Studio Lead
A Manager with young people in Alternative Educational settings for a number of years, I have witnessed the importance having access to Art has on a young person’s overall well-being. I love spending time with my family.

Ned Ankers

Art Teacher
After 20 years as an Art teacher and Head of Art Department-, I love a french knot 😃 and my favourite textiles artist is the wonderful felt maker Moy Mackay.

Damhouse, Leigh
Angie Ryan

Creative Learning Studio Lead
Fine Art Degree focusing on photography, drawing, textural painting and installation / performance. 26 years in Art and Design Education and Pastoral tutor.


Art Teacher
Fine art and Graphic Design background. Arts Education, firstly in my home town Blackpool, then degree in Manchester and PGCE in London. 16 years as an Art educator within mainstream and EBSD.

Touchstones, Rochdale
Leona Armstrong

Creative Learning Studio Lead
With a background in art and design I am passionate about all things arts and culture, and the positive impact that being creative can have a on a young persons overall wellbeing.

Christine Stanford

Art Teacher

I am an exhibiting Textile Artist and Teacher at Project Inc. I exhibit and sell my work throughout the UK and work with young people on community projects.


A Not-for-Profit organisation with social purpose. Project Inc. operates with the interests of the young people we serve.

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